Super Quick Quesadilla with Kale Crisps

I didn’t plan on this being my first recipe post but pleased with how it worked out, and it was really easy to make! The big kids were eating it tonight (Craig and I) and the wee one (Harris) will have it for lunch tomorrow…will let you know what he thinks! Heres the recipe…


3 tortilla
Large slices of mushroom, any colour pepper, onion and courgette
Aubergine dhal leftovers (c/o Jamie Oliver – recipe to follow)*
Half a chilli, finely chopped
Handful of Fresh Coriander
1/2 large Avocado
1/2 Lime
Black Pepper

Kale crisps

100g kale, chopped and stalks removed
1 tablespoon Groundnut oil (or a big sploosh in my case)
Cayenne pepper (or your favourite spice)

Here’s the how…

Heat oven to 130C. Spread the kale out on baking tray (s) – it needs to be spread on one layer, splash the oil over and sprinkle your spice then rub both into the kale and bake for 15-20 mins.

While the kale is cooking, chargrill the veggies and put to one side. Now build the tortilla… Lay one tortilla in a frying pan and sprinkle half the chopped chilli over it and as much coriander as you like (we like loads of it!) Spread the dhal over the top and add all the grilled veggies then lay another tortilla on top of that and spread the rest of the dhal over this and top with a final tortilla. Heat this slowly in one side for around 5 minutes and flip it over and cook the underside for the same. I gave mine a final little heat blast at the end.

In the midst if all this, make your guacamole by chopping your avocado (as much as you want) add a squeeze of lime and pepper and hey presto! There you have it! I added the other bit of chopped chilli to Craigs because he likes the heat but this is optional.

*If you don’t have left over dhal you can whizz up a tin of your favourite beans like kidney, pinto, cannellini or the like and use this instead.
Food groups in this meal:-

Calcium – kale

Protein – dhal (yellow split peas)

Good fats – Avocado

Potassium and vitamins – veggies

My Story

I certainly don’t profess to be an expert in nutrition but I do take a huge interest in my family’s health and nutritional needs. Last year, whilst I was pregnant with Harris, Craig (my husband) and I discussed becoming vegetarian and I told him that I would be happy to cook veggie meals at home but that I couldn’t promise that I wouldn’t eat meat if dining out in a restaurant, and that I would continue to eat fish (because it’s o.k to eat fish, right?). Now, almost a year on (how did that happen?) neither of us have eaten meat and I stopped eating fish in July. At that time we also agreed that we would reduce the amount of dairy products we eat and, in fact, we have cut this food group out, certainly in the food that we can control. It may take time to cut out ALL dairy but…Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say.

We don’t like to label what we are so rather than being ‘Vegan’, we choose to eat a mostly plant based diet and we have chosen this lifestyle for the welfare of animals, environmental and health reasons. We aren’t perfect as, dare I say it, we are only human but we strive to have a healthy diet every day of the week.

It’s a hard task to change a habit of a lifetime but every little step is a good step forward, I say. So, whether you strive for a healthy diet every day of the week or you are a week day advocate or decide to try a ‘meat free Monday’, I’m here to help!

I have been thinking for a while now that I would like to help others become healthier and at the same time, help keep the planet green, stop the food giants from controlling what we eat – and of course thinking of the poor animals who suffer an ill fate to feed the masses!! So, what better way than to do this through our kids? My goal here is to provide as many tasty recipes for children, either if you are thinking of going vegan or vegetarian, you are vegan, or none of the above but want to get some fruit and vegetables into your kids and not sure where to start, I want to help! I will say this a lot throughout my blog and Facebook page…if you eat healthily, your kids will eat healthily. If your kids eat healthily, you will eat healthily.

When I post recipes these will mostly be for kids, however, if I find any tasty treats elsewhere, I will also share these on my Facebook page. I will be posting recipes, health issue articles and any other associated topics, including some restaurant reviews and places to go for kids, through my Facebook page and also blogging on certain topics – because who doesn’t like to let their thoughts be known?? Hopefully you will find these topics interesting and of help, especially if you are weaning your baby as this can be a scary time for parents…although it doesn’t have to be – it should be fun!!

So, watch this space…