Kid’s in restaurants, the menus and a recipe for Korma

I’ve never really understood why, in restaurants, the main kid’s meals are always the most unhealthy, boring options. Usually bland, deep fried, processed junk food. Who decided that our kids should eat from a separate menu anyway? From pizza to chicken nuggets, fish fingers and sausage and mash oh, and don’t forget spag bol.

Now that Harris is eating, it infuriates me even more. Even if we were still meat eaters, I wouldn’t dream of allowing him to stuff deep fried anything down his throat let alone bits of chicken and sausage meat from goodness knows where. The thought of the salt content alone makes for a good horror story. 

Children are human beings, just like us adults and shouldn’t be excluded from the exciting world of food by being given a tiny and limited choice of 4 or 5 meals from a menu.  When we eat out Harris tries what we are eating and I also take a standby tub of homemade goodness to give him, just to make sure he has had a good healthy sized meal.

Can I suggest that once your baby is weaned and on solids that you take them to a restaurant and include them in the social aspect of eating,  don’t exclude them by feeding them what you think they want, from the limited and unhealthy kids menu, or what years of (bad) learned behaviour tells us we should be doing. Allow them a wide choice of colourful and good healthy foods, and if it doesn’t work out try again next time and they will get the hang of it,  they’re smart little cookies.

So, here is one of the recipes I have used at home but also take out with us for Harris to eat alongside our meal.

35g each of courgette, carrot and parsnip,  finely chopped 
1/2 cup of red or green (puy) lentils or feel free to use chickpeas.
1 tspn of korma curry paste (jar or homemade)
1 cup of coconut milk
1 cup water
1/2 sweet potato

Add a tspn of oil into a pan and add the veg and sauté for 5-10 minutes then add the curry paste along with the liquid and lentils, let this come to boiling point and then reduce to a low simmer for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, cook the sweet potato. Either boil it in a pan of water or bake it. (I bake mine as more nutrients are retained this way). I start by microwaving it on full power for 5 minutes, turning over half way through cooking and finish it off in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 200C. You only need half the potato for this dish so you could have the other half for your lunch or dinner!

Once the curry is ready (the liquid should be nice and creamy) add the potato pulp (no skin) by mashing it into the curry. This should make the curry an even thicker consistency.

And there you have it! A meal in one pot! You can add cous cous or rice to this dish if you have a hungry wee one like we do!

This can be divided into pots and frozen to use when needed.

Author: ninisbeans

I am a mummy who is passionate about feeding my family good food. By cooking our way to a healthy lifestyle, I keep my family healthy on a plant based diet and at the same time fighting against animal cruelty and helping the environment by not eating meat products. Through blogging recipes, providing thoughts on research and a variety of topics about nutrition I want to help other families feed their kids a healthy diet. Our kids nutrition and first connection with food is so important for them to thrive into adulthood.

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